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Mesa Corporation specializes in document and information management. Our automated routing tools, electronic report capture (EMR/COLD) and imaging products enable clients to streamline business processes while satisfying today's complex requirements for archiving and delivering information.

Archive PlusTM

Archive PlusTM is an automated information system designed to provide simultaneous archival and retrieval of any document format including PCL, PDF and ASCII text. Archive PlusTM is easily interfaced to any document generating source whether the source is an FTP site, imaging workstation, digital camera, TCP/IP or network printer connection. Interfacing to a new document source does not require additional programming thereby making addition extremely fast and cost effective.

Archive PlusTM Imaging

Archive PlusTM Imaging is flexible. It delivers both the high-speed, high-volume scanning required by departments handling thousands of documents a day as well as high-speed, low-volume scanning required by departments handling documents intermittently throughout their workday. The software includes an identification mode to assign keywords to the image. Interfacing Archive PlusTM Imaging to an existing database automates identification thereby reducing processing time and transcription errors. Mesa Corporation supports all image types and equipment.