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Announcing . . .

  • Mesa Corporation releases new version of software
    Version 8 fully compatible with Windows 7
    Archive PlusTM Version 8 has new features that benefit all users as well as exciting new modules.
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  • eSt@tements
    Achieve ROI by reducing paper, printing and postage costs
    Mesa Corporation's new PDF capture, decoding and routing software. Ideal for emailing statement, letters and invoices.
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  • NetCapture
    Scan from any multi-function peripheral on the network
    Mesa Corporation launches NetCapture, a significant addition to their NetScan software suite. The NetCapture application works in conjunction with the "Scan to Folder" feature of Multi-Function Peripherals (MFP) by providing an easy-to-use process for adding indices to the scans.
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  • NetScan
    Scan and ID on separate workstations
    Mesa Corporation launches NetScan, a Scanning Workstation module. This new offering allows the scanning process and the identification process to be done on separate workstations. This allows scanning to be done at one workstation and the identification process to be completed at another workstation.
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  • Barcode in Range
    Significant expansion of Barcode Recognition capabilities
    Mesa Corporation launched significant enhancements to their Barcode Recognition module. The enhancement software includes 'Automatic Orientation', 'Automatic Scheme', and 'Barcode in Range'. This technology eliminates having to ensure all barcodes in a batch of documents are oriented similarly on each page. It also allows mixed barcode symbologies within a batch of documents.
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  • Grouping
    Barcoded page reduces prep time
    Mesa Corporation launched a Scanning Workstation module specific for barcode users. The new offering, 'Grouping', allows a user to scan a barcoded document and additional non-barcoded documents and have all of the documents identified by the initial barcoded values, This technology eliminates the need to have barcodes on each document within a group, while in the standard Scanning Workstation using barcodes; users must apply a barcode to each document
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