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Archive PlusTM

If your company experiences difficulty organizing, accessing, or storing mass amounts of information,
Archive Plus
TM is the answer!

Archive PlusTM is an automated information management system designed to provide simultaneous archival and retrieval of any document format including ASCII text, PCL, PDF, video, audio, and Binary. Archive PlusTM can be interfaced to any host source whether an FTP site, imaging workstation, digital camera, TCP/IP or network printer connections. Interfacing to new hosts is extremely fast and cost effective. Archive PlusTM permits you to retrieve both "ERM" and scanned documents using a single search function. Storage media can be SAN, RAID, WORM optical or CD

Retrieving data takes only seconds by using one or a combination, of search tools including user-defined index keys, date & time, text strings, Boolean operators, wildcard and 'fuzzy' logic.


  • GREATER STORAGE CAPACITY than magnetic tapes, diskettes, fiche or paper
  • SAVES MONEY and SPACE by replacing cumbersome file cabinets, boxes of paper and off-site storage
  • RELIABLE MEDIA that does not deteriorate over time
  • PROTECTS YOUR INVESTMENT by allowing expansion of software and/or hardware
  • REDUCE PRINTER USAGE and associated COSTS, e.g., paper, toner
  • BACKUP DOCUMENT RETRIEVAL during host computer downtime


  • Ability to archive from multiple departments within an organization
  • High-speed searching
  • User-defined search keys
  • Function and Document access auditing
  • Security on each Function
  • Security on each Document Class
  • Temporary document storage
  • Cataloguing
  • Printing
  • Annotation capability
  • On-site Installation and Training
  • Superior Customer Support