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Archive PlusTM Scanning Workstationscanner

If your company wants to organize, store and quickly access mass amounts of information, Scanning Workstation is the answer!

Scanning Workstation makes document retention easy. Scan hard copy documents - requisitions, analyzer tapes, photographs, insurance cards - turning them into electronic images that are saved on media that remains reliable for years. Mesa Corporation's imaging system uses the latest advances in scanning and imaging technology to provide you with a clear image and the ability to locate that document within seconds.


  • SOFTWARE LOCATES DOCUMENTS instead of hunting through boxes of paper or fiche
  • BEGIN LIVE SCANNING with 2 days of training
  • SAVE MONEY & SPACE by replacing cumbersome file cabinets, boxes of paper and off-site storage.
  • AVOID LOST, misplaced, damaged, deteriorating or altered documents
  • PROTECTS YOUR INVESTMENT by allowing expansion of software and/or hardware as needed.
  • ELIMINATES PHOTOCOPYING of insurance cards, driver's licenses or checks
  • LIGHTNING-QUICK SEARCH for documents using information keys pertinent to your organization
  • LOCATE SCANNERS ANYWHERE on your network to meet the needs of each department.


  • Batch scan mode for walk-away scanning
  • Ad Hoc scanning mode
  • Easily review and edit scanned documents
  • User ID can be retained with the document
  • Duplex scanning in one pass
  • Security on each function
  • Scanning statistics per workstation