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Read about how Mesa Corporation's products have solved information storage problems for several different types of industries.

  • Retail

A chain of stores needed to “get rid of the paper”. Their basement was filling with boxes and boxes of paper. When Mesa Corporation introduced Archive PlusTM Imaging as a solution, Mesa Corporation was able to resolve two other problems – lost documents and lag time. Read more

  • Government Agency

After a government agency implemented direct deposit, they were still printing, stuffing and mailing a paper deposit statement to each recipient. Rising postage costs caused them to search for a way to send the statements out electronically, yet securely. Read more

  • Legacy System

A Silicon Valley medical facility was able to extract crucial medical information from a system that had been sunsetted. This information had to be accessed quickly as it was critical to providing quality patient care. Mesa Corporation's Serial Print Manager provided the facility with a file which they subsequently used to populate an existing database. In addition, the facility fulfilled an accrediting agency's mandate regarding historical data.