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Government Agency

After a government agency implemented direct deposit, they were still printing, stuffing and mailing a paper deposit statement to each recipient. Rising postage costs caused them to search for a way to send the statements out electronically, yet securely.

Their computer system generated a statement file but getting the statements into a form that could be emailed to individual clients presented a significant problem. Mesa Corporation's Decoding and Routing solution solved these problems.

The statements are now printed to Mesa Corporation's Decoding and Routing application where they are captured and converted to a PDF document. The PDF document is then indexed and split into individual client statements by Mesa Corporation's Decoder software. Mesa Corporation's Routing software then uses user-defined rules to route the individual statement to Microsoft Outlook® with user-defined subject lines and body text specific to each client.

The agency realized many benefits by using Mesa Corporation's Decoding and Routing solution. Emailed statements are delivered immediately. Delivery problems are identified with a few minutes instead of several days. Microsoft Outlook Return Receipts and Delivery Failure Notices and other features provide easy to use tracking and troubleshooting capabilities in a familiar easy to use application. Mailing, printing, and labor costs related to statement delivery have been significantly reduced or eliminated.

After going live with this solutions, the government agency used the same software to send additional types of statements, to send paycheck stubs to their internal employees' personal email accounts and now, are considering using Mesa Corporation's Decoding and Routing to send out end-of-year tax forms as well

These solutions have decreased their paper, toner, and postage costs, as well as decreasing the time and labor needed to print, stuff, and mail each paper document. Based upon the combined cost-savings of postage, paper, ink and labor, the agency expects to completely recoup the cost of the Mesa Corporation's Decoding and Routing software in less than three years. Saving the environment by dramatically reducing paper and ink consumption is another benefit you can't put a price on.