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A chain of stores needed to “get rid of the paper”. Their basement was filling with boxes and boxes of paper. When Mesa Corporation introduced Archive PlusTM Imaging as a solution, Mesa Corporation was able to resolve two other problems – lost documents and lag time.

When inventory is delivered to the stores, Direct Store Delivery documents are handed over. A driver picks up these DSD documents at each store and takes them to the corporate office. Because the stores are scattered through a large region, this meant a 1-2 day delay in getting these documents to corporate AND sometimes documents just got lost. The only way of knowing whether a document was lost was when corporate would get an invoice that couldn’t be reconciled with a delivery document. In that case, the corporate billing department would have to get the vendor to recreate the document, get it approved by the store and then route it to corporate. This delayed payment to the vendor.

With Mesa Corporation's Imaging system, the DSD documents are scanned at the store and routed electronically to the corporate billing department. DSD documents arrive at corporate in a matter of minutes instead of days, documents are not lost, reconciliation happens quickly and vendors are paid in a timely manner. And, the original problem of paper storage has been resolved.